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Chestatee Regional Hospital would like to encourage our patients and community to explore health issues.

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    Medical Services

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    Medication Safety

    Today most people can look into their medicine cabinets and find multiple prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications. These medications can help you be healthy. They can also cause problems if you don't use them correctly. Many individuals take too many medications, don't take medications correctly, or both.

    It is important that you take all prescription medications according to your physicians directions, and that you take all OTC medications within the guidelines provided on the medication bottle. It is also important that you share all information about your medications with health care providers.

    When you come to the hosptial, hospital staff does "Medication Reconciliation" with your home medications. What this means is that we try to ensure that your home medications are ordered when you are in the hospital if those medications are appropriate for your discharge. We also try to ensure that when you are discharged, the medications you were on before you were admitted (or came to the Emergency Room or for Same Day Surgery) are continued or discontinued as appropriate when you are discharged.
    To do Medication Reconciliation, it is important that we have an accurate account of what medicaitons you are on before you come to the hospital. The best way for us to get this information is if you bring all of your medication bottles (prescription and OTC) when you come to the hospital. That way we can make a complete and accurate list of the medications that you are on.