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An appointment request can be made online. We will confirm your appointment by e-mail or telephone. Please send your request at least 48 hours before your desired appointment time.

Online Payments

Welcome to the Online Payment Center. You may pay your hospital bills here by credit/debit card. For your convenience please fill out the below payment form. All information will be kept secure and confidential.


This form is to register for our Patient Pre-registration Program. By registering with us you can receive peace of mind that we have your medical information.Please Print clearly and Complete the following information.

Patient Portal

Chestatee Regional Hospital would like to encourage our patients and community to explore health issues.

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    Medical Services

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    Business Office

    Hospital Billing

    Business Services Representatives are available in our Business Office to answer any questions you may have regarding your hospital bill or financial policies of Chestatee Regional Hospital. They can be reached Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM at the following numbers:

    Private Pay (no insurance) or Self Pay Patients (balance after insurance)
    706-864-6136, ext. 285

    All other Commercial Insurance Patients
    706-864-6136, ext. 285

    Medicaid, CMO, Tricare & Workers' Compensation Patients
    706-864-6136, ext. 286

    Medicare Patients
    706-864-6136, ext. 286

    Chestatee Regional Hospital as a courtesy to our patients will submit all billing to your health care plan. Your health care plan may require pre-certification or a second surgical opinion for some procedures. It is your responsibility to make sure any and all requirements of your plan are met prior to your procedure, test or admission to Chestatee Regional Hospital. We will make every effort to assist you in this process, but the responsibility remains yours. Some physician specialists may not participate in your health care plan and their services may not be covered. Private rooms are generally a non-covered item under most health care plans unless it is medically necessary. If you request a private room, we will request payment of the private room difference prior to your assignment to a private room.

    Private Pay Patients

    Patients without insurance are expected to pay at the time service is rendered, with the exception of emergency patients, who will be asked for payment prior to being discharged. Arrangements must be made prior to your scheduled treatment date or your procedure, test or admission may be cancelled.

    Insurance Patients

    Patients with HMO, PPO, indemnity or any other insurance plan are requested to assign benefits to Chestatee Regional Hospital. Chestatee Regional Hospital will not bill any insurance carrier, unless benefits have been assigned. Insurance information is required at the time your procedure, test or admission is scheduled. We also require copies of your insurance card and valid photo identification. If payment is not received from your insurance carrier within 30 days Chestatee Regional Hospital will look to you for payment for all services rendered. We will assist you in the billing and follow-up with your insurance carrier but the ultimate responsibility for payment of services remains yours.

    Patients who wish to bill their own insurance will be considered Private Pay Patients. Please read the above paragraph relating to Private Pay Patients. You are responsible to pay all co-payments and deductibles at the time of your procedure, test or admission.

    Medicare/Medicaid Patients

    Medicare/Medicaid cards and valid photo identification are required at the time your procedure, test or admission is scheduled. You are responsible for all co-payments and deductibles at the time of your procedure, test or admission. If you have assigned benefits to a managed care provider please notify your Admissions Representative at the time of scheduling. Chestatee Regional Hospital will file supplemental insurance if the information is provided and the benefits are assigned.

    Financial Assistance

    Financial assistance programs, hospital, federal, state and local are available for those who qualify. Chestatee Regional Hospital has a dedicated worker on site to determine if you are eligible for any of these programs. If you have any other questions regarding any of these programs please call 706-867-4338.

    Billing and Fees

    In addition to your hospital bill you may receive a bill for Radiology Services, Laboratory Services, Ambulance Services, Physician Services and other independent consultants. When an account becomes delinquent, all costs allowable by law will be added to the original amount, including court costs, interest and attorney fees.

    Indigent Care Trust Fund